Perquisitum Limited is a growing Patent and Technical Information Search service.

The company was formed in 2006 and has brought together a team of professional searchers with broad-based industry and independent search company experience.

Members of our team have worked in-house with information teams and R&D functions which has given them a good understanding of commercial requirements and priorities.

Whether you are:
  • A large information service looking for an outsourcing partner to manage periods of high demand and expecting adherence to your levels of best practice;
  • An information professional faced with searches outside your specialist area;
  • A patent attorney needing discrete investigations to be conducted by experts;
  • An in-house R&D department with search requirements;
we will deliver the professional service you need.

Perquisitum is managed by Steve Royle, an experienced chemistry searcher. Steve began his career as an information professional with a number of UK-based independent search companies. He was subsequently headhunted by a major pharmaceutical company where he was tasked with creating a dedicated search department within their Intellectual Property Division. Steve has been with Perquisitum since its inception.